About Us

Born and raised in the mix of the town and country in Ohio, the designer and founder of Wandar West smoothly transitioned from a Midwest bohemian gypsy to a tropical sea goddess in the Pacific islands of Hawai’i. Her lifelong dream of learning to surf was manifest when she decided on a whim to pack everything she owned in her car and drove out west.

While learning the lady slide on her first surfboard, a blue single fin 9’0, she could never focus on the water or her wave dancing because her suit would shift. In the water during a beautiful glassy session, her vision of a suit that is made to surf, dive, paddle or mermaid around in was born.  Wandar West collections are each hand sewn with love on the West Coast, and will comfortably stay put so that you can fully immerse in the sea. The Wandar West philosophy is “More waves..less worries”.