Do Good

We want Wandar West to be a part of the surfing community and this is why we support and volunteer with organizations like Mauli Ola. At Mauli Ola, pro-surfers take children with cystic fibrosis out to the ocean and they help the kids catch the best waves of their life. 

The Mauli Ola Foundation began as a group of surfers who banded together to introduce surfing as a natural treatment to people with cystic fibrosis. Since 2007, Mauli Ola has taken nearly 1,300 CF patients surfing at nearly 100 Surf Experience Days and has now expanded it’s reach with hospital visits and other activities that touch the lives of kids with cancer and a variety of other health challenges. In 2010, MOF was awarded The Agent of Change Award by SURFER Magazine for its positive contributions and example to the surfing community.