Wave Dancers

Creating Wandar West

Hi, I'm Mindy.  I surf.  I sew.  I travel.  

In my travel adventures, I've found that a good surf-bikini is hard to find.        
When I started telling my friends and family about my idea for creating swimsuits that were comfortable, functional and fashion forward, I was shown more support and love than I ever could have imagined.  So I set out on the wonderful adventure of creating surf-inspired swimwear.
I absolutely love the job I have created for myself. Seeing my designs come to life step by step is an incredible feeling. From the first drawing sketches, to receiving fabric print samples and then piecing together the garments - nothing compares to seeing the finished garment on a real person. 

To be honest, I never knew this is the path where my life would lead.  I didn't go to fashion school and I haven't surfed all my life.  So although I may not be your typical fashion designer or surfer I take great joy in creating pieces that I hope you will love.

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