Wave Dancers


Have you been jonesing for a trip lately?? Ditto. Surfline forecasts for Southern California have been hovering around 0-1 feet for the past week. May/Gray, June/Gloom should have been well on its way out the door but it’s August now and that means sunshine right?? Just checking.
Since this Coastal Eddy thing has been changing some of our summer plans of basking all day at the beach, we have had to take matters into our own hands. That’s right. Plan a trip and get the heck outta dodge.
You have to work you say? Bahh! Then the time comes when you must live vicariously through photos. Imagine yourself on that beach, sipping straight out of freshly cut coconuts and daydream a bit.
Our dear friend Jen was sweet enough to snap a few pics of her recent trip to St. Lucia and share her Nalu moment with all of us.
Her favorite part of the trip?: Mineral baths from volcano water in the city of Soufrière. Sounds delightful..

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