Wave Dancers

Surf secrets


Learning how to surf can be one of the most gratifying experiences.  Surfing allows you to connect with all of the elements; sunshine, sandy beaches and of course the ocean.  It's not just the aspect of riding waves that is enjoyable but also the feeling of letting go of worries and just being free.  


If you're new to surfing or just like to remember how far you've come from catching that 1st wave, these tips will help you get up and riding smoothly.


THINK BIG - If you're just starting out, your board should be really big and stable.  The first thing you learn is how to pop-up and you can't do that on something too short or too thin.  You'll want at least a 9 - footer and something sturdy. 

LOSE SLEEP - You don't want to surf when it's windy, which is usually later in the day.  The water gets choppy, so you're always getting splashed in the eyes, and it's harder to paddle out.  The waves move differently too. Best to go out in the morning when it's glassy and calm. 

LOOK OUT - You will go where you look, so if you're looking at your feet you're going to fall.  Keep your feet spread a little wider than your shoulders and loosen up.  If you're standing too straight, you'll get tossed.

TAKE THE FALL - Don't be afraid of falling.  It's only water.  In fact, fall as much as you can when you're starting out.  That way you will get over your fear.  When you do fall though, make sure you're behind your board. You don't want to tangle with the fins on your board or have a wave turn a board into your head.

LEAN INTO IT - Now you need to learn how to angle left or right to do what's called a bottom turn.  See how your wave is going to break.  If you want to go right, then shift your weight in that direction, riding on your rail. That will turn you and will give you a really nice take-off.  


Last but certainly not least, make sure you have a good bikini that stays in place!

Happy Wave Riding!!  We will be posting more tips to help progress your surfing soon!






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